Private Consultations for Bone Health

Each one-hour consultation will include an assessment of your postural alignment, balance, flexibility and strength. Based on these findings, as well as the results of your DXA scan (when available), we will review non-pharmacological and practical strategies to safely strengthen your bones and decrease your risk of falling. At the first visit, you will learn a home exercise program to specifically address your needs. This will include site-specific, evidence-based bone strengthening exercises. Nutrition and diet will also be reviewed, and recommendations will be made to ensure that you are consuming the essential nutrients required for a healthy skeleton.
For some people, one visit may be sufficient. Others may benefit from follow-up visits, based not only on their baseline level of fitness, but also on their desire for more guidance and support. Many people opt to transition from the private sessions to the Strong Bones exercise classes, while others chose to exercise in their home with the help of the Strong Bones video.
Although Joanne is not in-network for insurance, she does offer a sliding scale option when applicable. She also provides receipts for individual sessions that can be used for insurance and/or tax purposes.
Contact Joanne to explore whether a one-on-one Bone Health consultation is right for you.

Joanne’s Strong Bones Exercise Video

For practicing at home –

Learn more or purchase the full 120-minute video (DVD or flashdrive).