New Bone Health Course

This unique course is intended for anyone interested in comprehensive, holistic management of their bone health.


Joanne Fagerstrom, PT, CFP, has been a physical therapist since 1978 and is the owner of Mindful Physical Therapy, LLC. She specializes in treating patients with osteoporosis and low bone mass (osteopenia).

Joanne places a strong emphasis on wellness and prevention in her treatment programs, and her certification in the Feldenkrais Method adds a unique dimension to her practice of physical therapy.  Through appropriate, evidence-based exercise instruction and body awareness education, she aims to help each person achieve their greatest potential for function, health and wellness.

I’ve tried several exercise classes, but not until I joined “Strong Bones” do I feel like I’ve found a home. I look forward to them, and, for the first time, believe I can remain consistent. The reason is JOANNE. She makes me understand the reason behind every movement. Her instructions are all evidence based. There is no pain, no exhaustion, just good physical progression. I really like being taught by someone with the educational background and up to date research knowledge to do so. I believe that Joanne is the best teacher because, not only is her voice, mannerisms and encouragement important to me, but she demonstrates and shares with us all the factors that go into motivation and consistency. And, on top of that, her classes are very reasonably priced.
Georgia Schwartz, RN

Bone Health

Diagnosed with osteoporosis herself in 2009, Joanne developed her comprehensive bone health program to help prevent – and even reverse osteoporosis. Whether in Strong Bones classes, her public workshops and seminars, or working individually, Joanne will give you the tools and information you need to take charge of your bone health. Learn more about Bone Health…

Mindful Physical Therapy

In individual Mindful Physical Therapy sessions, Joanne guides you to achieve your greatest potential for function, health and wellness using body awareness education, and exercise instruction. In a quiet, healing setting, she takes a holistic and mindful approach, where you are her sole focus. Learn more about Mindful Physical Therapy….


The Feldenkrais Method®, named for its founder, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, uses slow, gentle movement to improve human function. This method deepens one’s sense of how the body moves and offers strategies to make movement simpler and more fluid. Learn more about our full library of Awareness Through Movement lessons….