For the Love of Your Bones Valentine


Looking for something fun to do this Valentine’s Day?

One way to fight off those winter blues and keep in shape is to try out an online exercise class that you can do at home.

On February 14, I am providing free access to a recording of my Strong Bones class as a special Valentine’s Day gift.  To watch the class, simply return to this page anytime between Feb 14 – 18 to play the recording.  You can watch the recording as many times as you wish during this period.

I am a licensed physical therapist and a bone health specialist.  I teach weekly online Strong Bones exercise classes to improve strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and body awareness.  The exercises presented are safe and appropriate for all ages.

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Strong Bones Classes

Joanne’s weekly group exercise class for women and men – called Strong Bones – focuses on exercises which improve strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and body awareness. All aspects of this program are derived from evidence-based research in the field of osteoporosis.

  • Back and core strengthening exercises
  • Balance exercises for fall prevention
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Posture education
  • Body awareness training

“Live” Online Classes are offered twice a week and recordings are available on demand.

Classes are ongoing throughout most of the year, and you can join in at any time.


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Joanne’s Strong Bones Exercise Video


For practicing at home –

Learn more or purchase the full 120-minute video (DVD or flashdrive).

Joanne’s Strong Bones class is one of a kind. As a physical therapist, Joanne’s knowledge of the body, bone structure, and weaknesses that occur with aging, allows her to provide a complete body workout that strengthens the core muscles and common stress areas without ever resulting in injuries. No matter the size of the class, she is attentive to people’s individual needs. I’ve developed a stronger body since taking her class twice a week.

Joanne Fleisher


After less than a year of doing Strong Bones classes, testing revealed that the bone density in my spine had improved by 3.6% and in my hip by 4.4%. Plus, Joanne has shown me safe ways to increase my core and upper body strength which have kept back pain flare-ups at bay.

Laura Feragen


Joanne’s Strong Bones class has been a life-saver for me. After chemotherapy, I was having a hard time getting back into working out. Joanne’s class, concentrating on core and postural muscle strength, is exactly what I needed to get going! I feel much stronger and have more stamina overall.

Betsy Wallace