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Click on play button in center of video to begin the recording.

Class recordings are made available after the live class and can be viewed using the video player (black box above). The recording will only begin to play after you click on the play button (center of box).  The video can be paused by clicking the video a second time.

There will be a delay between the time that the play button is clicked and the time that the video begins.  This delay varies depending on the speed of the network and computer.  If the video does not start after several seconds (e.g. 15+) it may help to click the video a second time to pause playback.  While the video is paused it often downloads faster.  After several seconds, try clicking the video box again to see if it will now play.  For a very slow connection you may need to repeat this process for a minute or more to get the video to start.

Once the video begins to play it usually plays straight through without any delays.

During playback of the video, there will be controls on the bottom of the player that allow you to play, pause, rewind, and extend the video over the full screen.  To exit from full screen display hit the ESC key on the computer keyboard.