Taking Charge of Your Bone Health after Breast Cancer

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The proceeds from this workshop will be donated to Surviving Breast Cancer, a non-profit organization providing education, community, and support resources to patients and their families. www.survivingbreastcancer.org

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Joanne Fagerstrom is proud to present the following recordings of the talks by this year’s speakers:
Joanne Fagerstrom
Joanne Fagerstrom, PT, CFP, owner of Mindful Physical Therapy LLC, is a bone health specialist. Joanne has been a physical therapist since 1978 and is the creator of Strong Bones Exercise Classes. Joanne will discuss how many of the treatments for breast cancer can weaken our bones, the importance of understanding bone density tests, why you must have a bone health plan, and evidence-based ways to safely and effectively strengthen your skeleton.
(55 min)
Wendy Romig
Wendy Romig, DCN, MS, CNS, LDN is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and owner of Sage Integrative Health Center.  Wendy treats a wide range of chronic health issues using herbal and functional medicine, nutrition and wellness coaching.  Wendy will discuss the foods that best support your healing journey, what an “anti-cancer” diet looks like, and the critical importance of taming inflammation for skeletal and overall health. www.sageintegrativehealth.com
(53 min)
Betsy Butterworth
Betsy Butterworth, PTA, CLT is a physical therapist assistant with 18 years of experience as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist.  She is highly skilled in acute rehabilitation and oncology care.  Betsy will explain what lymphedema is, who is at risk, how it is managed, and common misconceptions, such as “you are safe if you do not develop lymphedema immediately after surgery or radiation.”
(40 min)
Sandy Folzer
Sandy Folzer, PhD is a retired licensed psychologist and breast cancer survivor for 28 years.  She is a competitive runner, winning the Race for the Cure ten times.  Sandy will share what she has learned along the way and the importance of being your own advocate.  Additionally, Sandy is an environmental activist and has written numerous articles about the environmental impacts on our health.
(26 min)
Jennifer Schelter
Jennifer Schelter, MFA, RYTT 500 is a creative leader who has facilitated mindfulness-based programs for thousands of women and men around the world, earning her “Best of Philly” multiple times.  She is the co-founder of Reach & Raise, an annual meditation and yoga fundraiser, raising over five million dollars for Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Jennifer will teach us how to “go within” to support our wellbeing, our spirituality, and our enjoyment of living.
(48 min)
Bone Health Workshop 2022
Questions and Answers with Closing Remarks between participants and panelists were shared to close out the workshop.
(6 min)