Library of Feldenkrais Class Recordings Available Now

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The slow, gentle movements in these classes help to relieve muscular tension and stress.  We have categorized them by body region and areas of individual interest.

  • Online library is available by Monthly subscription.
  • 47 different lessons included
  • Monthly passwords provide a single password that works for all classes in the library for that month.
  • Exceptional Value – 47 Classes at $1 per day is less than $0.65 per class!
  • Unlimited views of all classes are available for the entire month
  • You must purchase a monthly password to view the classes.
  • Passwords are displayed at completion of purchase – be sure to SAVE IT!

Step 1 – Buy Password

Monthly Password to Access Feldenkrais Library

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Step 2 – Select Class

Library of Classes

The classes are grouped into categories that represent different areas (listed below).

To view a class:

  1. Purchase a Monthly Password (above)
  2. Select a category
  3. Select a class title
  4. Enter Monthly password

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