Feldenkrais Free Sample Lesson


The recording listed below is an example of one of my favorite Awareness Through Movement lessons. Each one is different, but they all include the same theme of slow, gentle movement.

When you’re ready to begin, find a comfortable place to lie down – preferably on a mat on the floor. You can place a cushion under your head if needed. Closing your eyes will also enhance your ability to more fully sense what is happening.

You will hear the words “just do what’s easy” many times throughout each lesson, and you may find that it is unexpectedly hard to do less! But by slowing down – really slowing down – you give your nervous system the opportunity to feel what is happening and to make the needed adjustments. This is how we learn how to move with greater ease, and what the Feldenkrais Method is all about.

Joanne’s Strong Bones Exercise Video

For practicing at home –

Learn more or purchase the full 90-minute video (DVD or flashdrive).