Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions that people often ask are shown below and followed by answers provided by Joanne.  When you click on a question the answer will be displayed below.  If you don’t find an answer to your question, you can send a message to Joanne using the Contact Joanne page.

I’ve bought an online class. Now what do I do?

First, save the password that you received upon purchase because all the classes are password protected.

Whether you are buying a class, taking the class live, or watching the recording, you need to be on the Strong Bones Online Class page on my website.  I will not be personally sending you a link.

If you plan to take the class LIVE, (in real time), with me on Tuesday or Thursday at 10:00 AM (EST), you must be in Step 2 – Live Class.

If you are watching a recording of the class you purchased, you must be in Step 3 – Recorded Class.  Change the date in the little calendar to reflect the day of the class you want to watch.  Also, remember to change the “password type”.  You’ll notice that this is set to monthly as a default because that is what most people purchase.  But, for example, if you purchased a single class, you must change the password type to “single”.

Are the Strong Bones exercises safe?

The Strong Bones program is entirely evidence-based and appropriate for those with a diagnosis of osteoporosis or low bone mass (osteopenia).  Still, I strongly encourage my students to be attentive and carefully listen to the feedback they get from their body.  This means that some of the exercises may need to be modified in some way, and I talk about this during class.

If you have any concerns, I strongly encourage you to discuss participating in class with your doctor.

Can anyone do the Strong Bones exercises?

Yes!  The class is open to women and men of all ages.  The focus is on posture, balance, strength, and flexibility, all of which are not only needed for bone health, but also for overall health throughout our lifetime.

What equipment will I need?
  • Handheld dumbbells are used in most classes.
  • Ankle weights are optional, but highly recommended.
  • Non-elastic strap for stretching.  (These are used every other week.)
  • Resistance bands are used every 3 classes.  (The specific dates are shown in Step One on the Strong Bones Online Class page.)
  • Foam rollers are optional but highly recommended. These are 36” long and up to 6” in diameter.  (These rollers are used on the same day that we use the resistance bands.)  A pool noodle or tightly rolled up towel can serve as a substitute.
How long is the class?

One hour.

In addition, if you can take the class “live” on Tuesday and/or Thursday at 10:00 EST, you are welcome to stay for our after-class discussion which typically lasts for about 20 – 30 minutes.  This usually takes the form of an “ask the therapist” Q & A session.

What if I’m not available when you teach the Strong Bones class “live” on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at 10:00AM?

Every Tuesday and Thursday class is not only live, but also recorded.  This recording typically becomes available a few hours after class, but occasionally the recording is not posted until the following morning.  It is then posted in Step 3 – Recorded Class on the Strong Bones Online Class page.

The password you receive upon purchase allows access to the class unlimited times for 7 days from the day it was taught. Those who purchase the Monthly password have access to all the classes, unlimited times, all month long.

Does it make a difference if I miss the live class and just go to the recorded class?

The only difference is that you wouldn’t be able to ask a live question after class, but I always welcome questions via email, text, or phone call.  (See Contact Joanne page.)

Can I join the class at any time, or are there sessions where I have to start at the “beginning”?

There is no introductory class so you can join at any time.  I frequently repeat important instructions as if everyone is in class for the first time.

What is the “Community Class”?

These are previously recorded classes that are available on Saturday and only cost $5.00.  They can only be watched on the Saturday of purchase.

I’m afraid of falling. Should I still take the class?

Safety is always our top priority.  However, sometimes fear of falling can result in avoidance of activities, which in the long run can lead to weaker muscles and bones.  Ultimately, the weaker you become, the more likely you are to fall.  The Strong Bones class is exactly what you need!

The first 20 minutes or so of each class is done in a standing position, and many exercises are included that challenge our balance.  I always advise everyone to hold on to a sturdy object, as needed, for safety.  I also suggest modifications that are less challenging.

What if I need more supervision or am unsure of my ability?

I am available for private, one-on-one sessions.  This may be the best way for you to begin.

What if I can’t get down to the floor?

Again, in this case, I would recommend scheduling a private session.  Together we can create an individualized program to strengthen your legs and core in gradual and safe ways.  Eventually, having a heavy chair or low table that can assist you as you stand up will give you added confidence.

How often should I do the Strong Bones exercises?

Twice a week is good, but three times a week is ideal.  Consecutive days are generally not recommended.

How much weight should I use?

I always leave this up to the individual, but I generally advise starting with low weights (such as 2 pounds) and building from there.  Even though there are always exceptions, it’s important to gradually progress to heavier weights and not stay with very low weights over the long term.

How will I know that I’m ready to use heavier weights?

When the exercises get easier, that’s your signal to kick things up a bit!  For example, if you completed 10 repetitions of an exercise and felt like you could have easily done more, it’s time to use a heavier weight.

Sometimes I feel “clicking” in my shoulder, (or hip, knee). Is that bad?

This is not an unusual experience.  Most times, no pain accompanies the clicking, but it still would be ideal to try to make it go away.  You may find that not moving as far into the range of motion, or even changing the angle of the movement a little makes a big difference.  Also, using lighter weight may help.  If this persists or becomes painful, I recommend discussing it with your healthcare provider.

Will the Strong Bones program reverse my osteoporosis?

This is a controversial subject.  What I will share is that several students have reported to me that their bone density improved after one or more years of following the Strong Bones program as their sole intervention.  This was my personal experience as well, and what motivated me to begin teaching others this program that I developed after many years of research.

Being consistent in your practice is key.